1st Slavic Newsletter 2021


You can download the 1st Slavic Newsletter 2021 in English, German and Croatian language here. 


Dear members of the AGSM,

Dear Friends,


First of all, we hope that this newsletter reaches you in best health! Hopefully you had a nice holiday time and we wish you a happy 2021! Here is some latest updates from AGSM:



1.    News: AGSM Seminar 2020 happened online

The 23rd Seminar of Slavic minorities in Europe that was supposed to take place in Molise, Italy, took place online instead. On 19th November 2020 over 25 participants followed our invitation and joined the online meeting. There were many fruitful discussions taking place and despite the current situation, many activities and ideas were exchanged. Members of the AGSM welcomed new homepage and the printed version of the AGSM Brochure that each member should have already received via post. The 24th Seminar should take place in Molise in autumn 2021, if the circumstances will allow it.  

You can read more about it here: https://agsm.fuen.org/en/article/AGSM-Online-Seminar-2020


2.    News: AGSM activities in 2021

We would like to share with you our main planned activities/objectives in this year. We hope that we will be able to implement all of them, which of course depends on the the situation around COVID-19 pandemic, which we will be following closely.


-Translation of the AGSM Brochure into English and one Slavic Language

-Developing the AGSM homepage into one Slavic Language

-AGSM Film about Carinthian Slovenes

-Working meeting of AGSM at the FUEN Congress (tbc)

-24th Seminar of Slavic Minorities in Molise, Italy (tbc)



3.    News: Devastating Earthquake in Croatia

Unfortunately, there was several strong earthquakes hitting Croatia just before New year, which caused several human victims and totally destroyed many homes. In the regions that were hit, also our dear Slavic friends and members of AGSM – Serb and Czech community in Croatia live. Therefore, we would like to call for your support to both humanitarian actions from the Serbian and Czech minority in Croatia. Please visit our page where you can find all the details: https://agsm.fuen.org/en/article/FUEN-and-AGSM-appeal-for-donations-in-Croatia-after-deadly-earthquakes


4.    News: AGSM Homepage now also in English

We are happy to announce, that the AGSM Homepage is now, since the end of 2020 also accessible in English language. Thanks to the support of the German Federal ministry of Interior, Building and Community, we were able to develop the new page. In 2021, we plan to further develop the page to at least one Slavic language as well, and more should follow in the future.

You can visit the new page under: https://agsm.fuen.org/en/


5.    News: Member organisation’s news

We would like to encourage our members to share their news, activities, plans, events, important dates, etc. for 2021. Now that the AGSM has a new homepage, we can easily share the news with the whole AGSM and FUEN community and obviously the whole wide world! So make sure you take that chance! 


Please do not hesitate to contact us on any matter under agsm@fuen.org,


Best regards,

Matic Germovšek Ž.

AGSM Coordinator