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Von der Hofburg ins Drei-Länder-Eck – das war das Jahrestreffen der slawischen Minderheiten bei den Burgenlandkroaten in Österreich

From the Hofburg to the Three-Country Corner - the annual meeting of the Slavic minorities at the Burgenland Croats in Austria


From November 17th to 20th, 2022, the 25th seminar of the Slavic minorities in Europe took place in Vienna/Beč, hosted by the Burgenland Croats. Read more about the seminar here.

Auch kleine Gemeinden erhalten unsere Unterstützung: Molise-Kroaten waren Gastgeber des 24. AGSM-Seminars

Small communities also have our support: Molise Croats hosted the 24th AGSM Seminar


Last week, the small community of Croats in Molise, Italy, hosted the 24th Seminar of the Working Group of Slavic Minorities in FUEN (AGSM). Over 30 participants from seven countries, representing nine minority groups took part in the meeting which started on Friday, 1 October with the official opening. Antonio Sammartino, President of the host organisation Foundation Agostina Piccoli said they are very honored that such a small minority was chosen to become host of the event and thanked the participants for taking part in it, thus sending a strong sign of support to the community. FUEN Vice President and Speaker of AGSM Angelika Mlinar welcomed the participants, noting that FUEN support all its members in solidarity, regardless of the size of the community.

24. AGSM Seminar in Molise fängt heute an

24th AGSM Seminar in Molise starts today


The 24th AGSM Seminar starts on Thursday, 30 September 2021 in Molise, Italy. The representatives of the Slavic minorities in Europe will be greeted at tonight’s informal opening by Antonio Sammartino, President of the host Foundation „Agostina Piccoli“ and Angelika Mlinar, FUEN Vice President and AGSM Spokesperson.

24. Seminar der Slawischen Minderheiten 2021 findet in Molise, Italien statt

24th Seminar of Slavic Minorities 2021 will take place in Molise, Italy


After having to cancel it last year, we are pleased to inform you that the 24th Seminar of Slavic Minorities in Europe will take place from 30 September to 03 October 2021 in Molise, Italy at the Croatian minority. It will be organised together with our member organisation "Foundation Agostina Piccoli". Further details and registration information will follow. For now, we would like to ask you to mark the date, check your email inboxes regularly and look at our AGSM homepage for more information.


The 23rd Seminar of Slavic Minorities in Europe took place online due to COVID-19



IV. Seminar der Slawischen Minderheiten


Das IV. Seminar der Slawischen Arbeitsgemeinschaft hat unter dem Titel "Narodnosće a stat - mjeńšiny we wjetšinje" / "Volksgruppen und Staat - Minderheiten in der Mehrheit" in Kroměřiž / Morava, bei der Slowakischen Minderheit in der Tschechischen Republik, von 19.-21.10.2001 stattgefunden.


I. FUEN Seminar der Slawischen Minderheiten


Das allererste Seminar slawischer Minderheiten in Europa ist von 17. bis 20. Oktober 1996 in Schmochtitz / Smochćicy im Kreis Bautzen / Budyšin von der Domowina und FUEN gemeinsam veranstaltet worden.