The Working Group of Slavic Minorities is a well established working group in the FUEN network whose seminars of the Slavic minorities in Europe have a long tradition. In the year 2017 the coordination of the AGSM was taken over by the FUEN Coordination Office, whereby the long-standing efforts of the working group to further develop and professionalize its activities could finally be realized. The fact that this was an extremely reasonable step was not only confirmed by the members but also by the internal strategies of the FUEN.

The AGSM family already counts 32 members after the FUEN Congress 2023 in Pecs / Fünfkirchen / Pečuh. The newest members are Ruthenians from Hungary, Montenegrins from Albania and Slovenians from Italy. Thanks to stable funding from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community, the AGSM has been able to develop significantly over the years and record increased political participation and public presence as well as numerous new cooperations.

Since 2019, the AGSM has been sending out a newsletter at regular intervals, has a new, thoroughly redesigned homepage (which you are visiting now), and has published a brochure about its members, which is available on the new homepage. These were important steps to increase public presence, which should lead to increased awareness of the concerns of the Slavic minorities in Europe. The brochure has already been translated into two other languages, Croatian and Lower Sorbian.

The 26th Seminar of the Slavic Minorities took place in Zagreb, Croatia in October 2023, hosted by the Serbian Minority in Croatia.


Participants at the 26th Seminar in Zagreb, Croatia.