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Von Existenznot bis zum Recht auf Minderheitenbildung – AGSM-Jahrestreffen in Zagreb offenbart gravierende Gegensätze

From existential hardship to the right to minority education - AGSM annual meeting in Zagreb reveals serious contrasts


The conference took place from 19 to 22 October. A total of 50 people took part, 14 of them from the host Serbian minority in Croatia and 36 external participants from other minorities - e.g. Molise Croats from Italy, Sorbs from Germany and Pomaks from Greece. They covered a pleasingly broad spectrum of countries and minorities: 13 different minorities from 12 countries were represented.

VIDEO Beitrag über das AGSM Seminar in Zagreb

VIDEO report about the 26th AGSM Seminar in Zagreb


Here you can watch the video documentation from VIDA - TV Channel about the 26th AGSM Seminar that took place in October 2023 Zagreb, hosted by the Serbian Minority in Croatia.

Slawische Minderheiten Europas treffen sich in Zagreb

Slavic minorities of Europe meet in Zagreb for its 26th AGSM Seminar


This year's AGSM seminar will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, from 19 to 22 October, the FUEN Working Group of Slavic Minorities (AGSM) will meet in the Croatian capital for its 26th annual seminar. The host of the seminar is the Serbian minority in Croatia.