2nd Slavic Newsletter 2021





Dear members of the AGSM,

Dear Friends,


First of all, we hope that this newsletter reaches you in best health! Hopefully you can enjoy the more relaxed summer time. Here is some latest updates from AGSM:



1.     News: AGSM Seminar 2021 in Molise, Italy  - SAVE THE DATE


After we had to cancel it last year, we are happy to announce that the 24th Seminar of Slavic minorities in Europe will take place in Molise, Italy at the Croatian minority from 30 September till 3 October 2021. You will receive more information and registration details on time, for now we would like you to save the date, check your Email inboxes regularly and follow our AGSM homepage for more information.


2.    News: 25th Anniversary of AGSM  


Congratulations to AGSM – we are celebrating the 25th anniversary! The Working Group of Slavic Minorities was established in October 1996 on its very first seminar in  Schmochtitz / Smochćicy near Bautzen / Budyšin, organized in cooperation with Lusatian Sorbs from the Domowina. You can read the report of this very first seminar HERE. On this occasion we will post a series of interviews, which will be published on the AGSM homepage under “25th Anniversary AGSM”. On this occasion, Angelika Mlinar, FUEN Vice-President and AGSM Speaker said: “25 years is not little, so we shall all be proud that our Slavic cooperation within FUEN functions since so many years and it managed to establish a good ground for our future work.” At the AGSM Seminar in Molise, we want to celebrate our anniversary together with all of you!  



3.    News: FUEN Congress 2021


The 65th FUEN Congress will take place from 9-12 September 2021 in Trieste / Trst, Italy, hosted by the Slovenian Minority. The registration for the Congress will be sent out in the following days, to the Email Address of your organisation. Since we will be hosted by our Slavic friends from Slovenes in Italy, we are looking forward to see as many of you as possible in Triest / Trst. There will be a regular AGSM working meeting at the FUEN Congress on Friday, 10 September 2021 at 9am.




4.    News: Member organisation’s news


We would like to encourage our members to share their news, activities, plans, events, important dates, etc. for 2021. Now that the AGSM has a new homepage, we can easily share the news with the whole AGSM and FUEN community and obviously the whole wide world! So make sure you take that chance! 


Please do not hesitate to contact us on any matter under agsm@fuen.org,


Best regards,

Matic Germovšek Ž.

AGSM Coordinator