Bilingual lables on pastures in Carinthia / Koroška

The season begins on the mountain meadows. The Rural Education Association - Kmečka izobraževalna skupnost (KIS) announces that new bilingual labels are being printed and made available to local farmers and land owners. This strengthens the visible bilingualism, emphasizes KIS President Marinka Mader-Tschertou.

The most disadvantaged due to their location are the mountain farms, which contribute most to the preservation of the cultural landscape, emphasizes the Chamber Councilor of the Community of South Carinthian Farmers - Skupnost južnokoroških Kmetic in Kmetov (SJK) Marinka Mader-Tschertou. Farmers who graze cattle in the mountains, landowners and agricultural communities work together to ensure the mountains don't overgrow.

The original message from ORF in Slovenian language can be read here.