"Ultimates won't get us any further," says Dawid Statnik from Domowina


"Recognition of the Sorbs as an "indigenous people" according to ILO Convention 169 would not magically bring us political self-determination and autonomy. Anyone who addresses politicians and the media with appropriate ultimatums is acting counterproductively and distorting international legal provisions and political realities. A lot of noise You could also say about nothing.Apart from a quickly fizzled media interest - ultimatums look good in headlines - this will not bring any lasting changes.

The Domowina has been the umbrella organization of the Sorbs for 111 years now and unites 200 groups and local associations, regional associations and national associations with around 7,500 members and last but not least individuals in a strong network of Sorbian civil society. It is therefore a grassroots-democratic organization representing the interests of all those who are enthusiastic about the Sorbian language and culture and who are involved in everyday life.

We don't make ultimatums. Our aim is to shape the interests of the Sorbs in Lusatia together with politicians and all social actors. We are of the opinion that the appropriate consideration of the Sorbs is an obligation of society as a whole. However, we are not striving for "reserve solutions", but demand participation and recognition on an equal footing. We are part of Lusatia and want to contribute constructively.

Political commitment is often lost in Sunday speeches and lip service - but there is also a lot of support and goodwill. Providing services of general interest to the Sorbian people is a political obligation. The politicians in Berlin, Dresden and Potsdam as well as the Sorbs themselves are in demand.

For many reasons, we believe that new and additional structures such as the establishment of a parliament are neither practicable nor expedient. In particular, the legal and political hurdles are often concealed or not taken into account in the public debate. We should adapt and realign the existing structures where necessary.

The next thing to do is to negotiate the 5th financing agreement for the Sorbs and we want to develop and make our contribution to the process of structural change in Lusatia. This will demand our attention and tie up a lot of resources.

Structures are not an end in themselves or personal profiling platforms. We continue to offer all interested and committed people the opportunity to get involved in the committees and within the Domowina. This is where we should shape our future." - From the Domowina press release from March 27th, 2023