Keine Volksgruppensprachen bei der Impfpflicht-Kampagne in Österreich

No minority languages in the vaccination campaign in Austria


The legally recognized ethnic group languages are missing from the current information from the Federal Government on the Covid vaccination requirement in Austria, which is available in a total of eight languages using a QR code. For the chairman of the Minorities Initiative, Vladimir Wakounig, this is a surpassing of guaranteed rights, according to the ORF.

FUEN verurteilt die militärischen Angriffe Russlands in der Ukraine aufs Schärfste

FUEN strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine


The Federal Union of European Nationalities firmly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. With this invasion, Russia defied both the independence of a state and international law by engaging in a war that will bring devastation, the death of innocent people and economic damage.

Zum Tag der Muttersprache: Obersorbisch im Microsoft Bing-Translator

On International Mother Language Day: Upper Sorbian in the Microsoft Bing translator


This year's mother tongue day, which is celebrated internationally on February 21, is a very special one for the Upper Sorbian language spoken in the Saxon region of Upper Lusatia: it is the first minority language in Germany to be integrated into Microsoft's Bing translator. There, Upper Sorbian can not only be translated into German, but also into over a hundred other languages - and vice versa, according to the Domowina press release on February 21, 2022.

Der „Metron“-Preis 2021 posthum an Antonio Sammartino

The 2021 Metron award posthumously to Antonio Sammartino


The jury unanimously decided to give this prestigious award posthumously to Antonio Sammartino, a Croatian activist from the Molise Croatian community in southern Italy. Sammartino died suddenly and unexpectedly last November, shortly after the successful conclusion of the Slavic Working Group (AGSM) seminar within the Federal Union of European Nations (FUEN) in early October 2021 in Montemitro/Mundimitar and Vasto in southern Italy, according to the press release from the Croatian Center in Vienna.

Image Film über die Slowenische Minderheit in Italien

Image film about the Slovene minority in Italy


The Slovenian minority in Italy hosted the last FUEN Congress 2021 in Trieste / Trst. For this occasion they have prepared a film about the minority, their language, culture and the beautiful landscape. The film is available in 4 languages (German, English, Slovenian, Italian) on the YouTube channel of the Council of Slovenian Organizations (SSO-Svet slovenskih organizacij).

Riča Živa - Parola Viva eine Hommage an Antonio Sammartino

Riča Živa - Parola Viva homage to Antonio Sammartino


Burgenland Croatian newspaper Hrvatske Novine has published a special edition of the Molise-Croatian newspaper "Riča Živa - Parola Viva" as a tribute to Antonio Sammartino, who died prematurely. You can read the special edition here.

1. Slawischer Newsletter 2022

1st Slavic Newsletter 2022


First of all, we hope that this newsletter reaches you in best health. Hopefully you enjoyed the festive days during the Christmas and News Years. We wish you a happy, healthy and funny 2022! Here are some latest updates from AGSM.

Wer sind eigentlich die Kärntner SlowenInnen? Neuer AGSM Kurzfilm präsentiert die Minderheit in Österreich

Who are the Carinthian Slovenes? New AGSM short film presents the minority in Austria


Explaining the history of a minority and its current challenges can quickly become tiresome. A new short film about the Carinthian Slovenes living in Austria, presented by the Working Group of Slavic Minorities (AGSM) of FUEN, proves that this can be done differently. With numerous explanatory elements, drawings and a relaxed linguistic style, director Milena Olip succeeds in presenting the minority in a contemporary and entertaining way.

75. Hrvatski Bal - Wiener Kroatenball

75th Hrvatski bal - Vienna Croatian ball


The 75th Croatian Ball is coming to your house with a local ball package and can be booked now. Here you can see the press release of the organisers.

Besuch aus dem Ministerium im Servicebüro für sorbische Sprache

Visit from the ministry in the service office for the Sorbian language


Wednesday, January 19th, Dr. Jens Baumann, responsible for the Sorbian municipal program for the promotion of bilingualism in the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior, visits the service office for the Sorbian language in municipal affairs, which is financed from this programme. The office, which is sponsored by Domowina, is located in the Hoyerswerda building of the Sorbian umbrella organization. The employees of the office Franciska Grajcarekec/Franziska Grajcarek and Jan Kral/Johannes Krahl, the new Domowina managing director Judit Šołćina/Scholze and the Domowina regional spokeswoman Sonja Hrjehorjowa/Rehor also took part in the discussion.