VertreterInnen der Slowenischen Minderheit in Italien treffen den Slowenischen Präsidenten Pahor

Slovenian Minority in Italy met with President Pahor in Ljubljana


Slovenian President Borut Pahor received representatives of the Slovenian ethnic group in Italy with whom he discussed the process of returning the "Narodni dom" to the Slovenian ethnic group and the political representation of the minority at national level.

Spitzentreffen sorbischer Vereine – Dawid Statnik kandidiert erneut als Vorsitzender des Dachverbandes Domowina

Meeting of Sorbian associations - Dawid Statnik runs again for chairman of the umbrella organization Domowina


Dawid Statnik will run for another term as chairman of Domowina at the main and election meeting of the Sorbian umbrella organization Domowina on June 12 in Schleife / Slěpe. This declared the 37-year-old father of three children, who lives with his family in Ralbitz / Ralbicy, on Thursday evening in Bautzen House of the Sorbs at the annual meeting of the Domowina chairman with the chairmen of supra-regional Sorbian associations and the regional associations of the umbrella organization. Of 23 participants, 21 were present via video conference, according to the Domowina press release of 19.03.2021.

Klagenfurt / Celovec bekommt einen Slowenischen Vizebürgermeister

Klagenfurt / Celovec gets a Slovenian Vice Mayor


Lojze Dolinar, a Carinthian Slovene and former professor at the Slovenian grammar school, is proposed to be the new Vice Mayor of Klagenfurt / Celovec, according to ORF.

Landessorbenbeauftragter Dünow: Minderheitenförderung ist gelebte europäische Vielfalt

State Commissioner Dünow: Supporting European minorities is living in diversity


In a press release from March 5th, 2021, the Brandenburg State Commissioner for Sorbs / Wends Affairs, State Secretary for Science and Culture Tobias Dünow expressed his disappointment at the rejection of the Minority SafePack Initiative by the EU Commission, as well as Brandenburg's strong support for Europe's minorities.

4 neue slawische Sprachen auf der AGSM Homepage

4 new slavic languages on the AGSM homepage


Today we have extended the title of the Working Group of Slavic Minorities to 4 additional slavic languages and have thus our name already in 11 languages.

Gemeinderatswahlen in Kärnten / Koroška: Erfolg für Slowenische Volksgruppe

Local council elections in Carinthia / Koroška: Success for the Slovenian minority


In the local elections on Sunday in Carinthia / Koroška, the Slovenian community achieved a good result - the "Unified list" / Enotna Lista (EL) will have 59 councilors. Bernard Sadovnik, who was re-elected mayor, achieved great success in the Globasnitz / Globasnica municipality.

10 Jahre mazedonische Zeitschrift

10 years of Macedonian Newspaper "Ilinden"


Exactly ten years ago, on March 1, 2011, the first issue of the Macedonian newspaper "Ilinden" was published as a double issue (March / April) as a bulletin of the Macedonian association "Ilinden"- Tirana. For the past ten years, the newspaper has aroused great interest among the Macedonian readers. The mission of the newspaper remains to encourage and maintain the Macedonian language and identity in the Republic of Albania

Die Polizei hat die Täter der Schmieraktionen in Kärnten / Koroška aufgespürt

The police tracked down the perpetrators of the smearings in Carinthia / Koroška


After the Slovenian names were sprayed over with black paint on bilingual town-signs in Carinthia / Koroška several times in January, the police have now succeeded in investigating two young men from Klagenfurt / Celovec as the perpetrators, as reported by ORF.

Die Slowenische Minderheit in Italien warnt den neuen Premierminister

Slovenian minority in Italy addresses the new Prime Minister


The Presidents of the Slovenian Cultural and Business Association (SKGZ) and the Council of Slovenian Organizations (SSO) Ksenija Dobrila and Walter Bandelj sent a letter to the new Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in which they congratulated him on his appointment and reffered to open questions of the Slovenian minority in Italy.

100. Jahre Grenzziehung im Burgenland / Gradišće

100 anniversary of border setting in Burgenland / Gradišće


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Burgenland / Gradišće, historian Michael Schreiber from Nikitsch / Filež has compiled a series for the Croatian editorial staff of ORF Burgenland / Gradišće. Every Monday in the show "Kulturni tajedan" (Culture Week), on Radio Burgenland / Gradišće at 6:15 pm, you can hear part of the series.