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The Working Group of Slavic Minorities (AGSM) was founded in 1996 under the umbrella of the FUEN and currently unites 29 organizations. The FUEN working group with the highest number of members supports the interests of the Slavic minorities in Europe and promotes cooperation between the Slavic communities and countries in their capacity as bridge builders. Twice a year meetings of the working group take place - during the annual FUEN congress and within its annual conference / seminar. The current speaker of AGSM is since 2023 Dr. Hartmut Leipner, Lusatian Sorb from Germany. The coordinator of AGSM in the FUEN office is Matic Germovšek Žnidaršič, Carinthian Slovene.  


Photo:  Dr. Hartmut Leipner, Olivia Schubert und Matic Germovšek Ž.


AGSM members