Nikolaos Tsarknias-Archimandrite Nikodim

The Macedonian Movement to Promote Mother language NPO “Krste Misirkov” was established on 18 November 2018 in Aridea, Greece.

The aim of “Krste Misirkov” is to promote, through research and education, the best practices in the management of linguistic diversity in Greece and in Europe. The ultimate goal is to make regional or minority languages a source of culture, development and local pride, in cooperation with other European bodies with the same goals and by organizing relevant events, in particular: organization of exhibitions, screenings, theatrical performances, conferences, workshops, training seminars as well as all types of educational, informational and cultural activities; CD / DVD editions; exhibitions and book presentations; undertaking publishing activity, in printed or electronic form as well as any related events.

NPO “Krste Misirkov” is a member of FUEN since 1 October 2022.


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